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About Mark

Mark is the author of five books and an expert at generating new sales with large and strategically important accounts. Numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Drake Business Review, Sales & Marketing Management and FOX Business have featured his ideas. As a top salesman himself Mark had made thousands of sales calls for industrial products, energy services and professional services before beginning his boutique consulting firm.

More About Mark’s Story

Sales Training

Communicate customer value and differentiate from competitors to win sales.

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Sales Management

Coach sales managers on the skills and processes that lead sales growth.

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Strategic Account Management

Manage opportunities and land important accounts that can be game-changers.

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Business Strategy

Execute strategy that will improve competitiveness and increase sales.

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Customer Loyalty

Sell with customer-centric practices and build loyalty.

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Lead Change

Adapt your leadership style to lead change in your company or salesforce.

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Mark’s Books

For over ten years Mark has been writing about the challenges facing sales managers and salespeople.

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